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If you don't get lost, there's a chance you may never be found. ~Author Unknown

I got an offer to be in a reality TV show- I wonder how I should pose for the cover shot?

should I pose this way? nah too jungle fever

I got an offer today to be in a reality TV show

I was reading threw blogs, well I was looking through this blog and got my mouth drooling. and I was listening to Casper soundtrack ( yes I love this soundtracks and Casper was one of my childhood movies).

And then all of the sudden my sister comes to me trying to get my attention. I really didn’t want to be disturbed I was really enjoying the mental atmosphere I was in.

But she was insistent. so I listen.

 she said “what would you do if someone offered you a spot on a reality TV show”  at first I asked ” well is anyone asking”

and she laughed “no just hypothetical”  ( I was a little bit disappointed) but I thought about it…..

…….And I thought about it.

And I asked her ” is it gonna be like the Kardashian , like they have to even tape me in the morning as I wake up seeing the camera on my face” we laughed and she said “no”.

I said

“it depends and beside my life is pretty boring, where is the suspense, I don’t go out much, are they gonna tape me deciding what to watch for TV or surfing through the net” she ‘lol’ and so did I.

So I decided that I would do it over some sort of journey I’m going through, like maybe if I want to learn the secret to cooking and I am being taught by the top zen chef.

And then I would  learn after a long journey ( a few months in TV land ):

  •  that its not about the food that is set on the table….but the journey  it took to put it on the table.
  • And its not about just eating the food really fast ( breathing it) its about savoring every bite and enjoying the food with all my six senses.then –i secretly thought- I end up famous but I would be more like Kristen Stewart cuz I’m really shy and awkward in public and interviews 😀

cutely awkward that is!

anyways it really made me think would I do it? really would I?

I got so self involved ( whats new) that what my sister said next took me by surprise

she said ”  I got offered”

and I said without words  “what” I said it with my facial expression.

She laughed so hard at my reaction,

I said “cuz listen if it was true and you were offered I was gonna say I don’t want to be in the taping” she laughed harder, and mom said ” you always say no to everything , give it a try”

I really don’t think she even knows what were talking about. She interjects like this alot. she would be watching TV while we’re in a corner talking and she would just say something just so she “seems” interested … but shes not 😀

anyways if you had the chance to be in a reality TV show, what would it be, I’m pretty sure all of you went through this imagination, you sitting in the diary room talking about the scene that was just showed lol.


diary room I think its big brother haven’t watched it for a few years

so tell me what reality show would u be on, or any new reality show u would discover?

would it be funny, entertaining, educational, or documentary style?


How to be Ageless: Learn From the Top 2 Regrets Of the Dying

I believe anxiety and fear makes us older and I believe society also ages us ( because of its assumptions). I am giving easy 2 step instructions on how to stay young in a time where FEELING young is overrated.

Step 1: Take Time to know What You Love

“Your distress about life might mean you have been living for the wrong reason, not that you have no reason for living.”  ~Tom O’Connor

There was a book written on the top 5 regrets of the dying.  By  a nurse who worked in palliative care.
She documented there highs and lows , and their  top regrets .

Do you know whats the top one?

  •     “I wish I’d had the courage to live a life true to myself, not the life others expected of me. “

What ever expectation you have, examine why you have it.  Is it other peoples expectation of you instead of your own dreams and goals? Is  it to prove to some snobs your worth it? If its to prove to anyone in your life you’re worth it, than its not your calling or purpose.

Step 2:  Don’t Work Too hard, Work SMART

“Endurance is frequently a form of indecision.”  ~Elizabeth Bibesco, Haven, 195

You know whats the top 2 regret of the dying?

  •     ” I wish I didn’t work so hard.”

Whats the point of working so darn hard? Is it so at the end you would get what you want? why do you want it? So you can have a reason to be HAPPY.

You don’t need permission to be happy now, you don’t need to attain anything at this moment to be happy.
To be honest if your reading this post its very likely you are above poverty line and all your survival needs are met. So being happy is only shut down by what you feel you have to do before being  happy.

Cut it short and be happy now 😀 ( have aspirations and goals,  but don’t let them be your only reason for happiness)

If you want to know more on all you need to reverse aging than all you have to do is read Deepak Chopra’s 7 Secrets to Grow Younger, Live Longer


whats do you do or think to stay youthful?


We have Miracles called bioluminescent

I never heard of bioluminescent ( hope I’m spelling it right) it made me wanna search about them and go to Puerto Rico. You know its strange it crossed my mind a few days ago and I was thinking ‘is it a nice place to visit?’ well I got my answer

Kansas Love Bird





I tell you what! This Midwestern gal loves a good adventure. And I’ve seen a LOT of places and have had a LOT of adventures. Anyone who wants an amazing Caribbean adventure should definitely go to Puerto Rico. Not only are there amazing winding backwood mountain roads, there are beaches: lush and beautiful, on each side of the island. On the north eastern side you see the Atlantic Ocean with huge crashing waves carving the rock and stone. To the southwest you have the beautiful calm turquoise waters of the Caribbean Sea in Guanica and Ponce.

Forget your GPS. Our paper maps didn’t even work consistently. But isn’t getting lost half of the fun? It was for my rainforest mountain beach adventure in Puerto Rico. The first day we counted 14 rainbows. I knew I was in paradise.

Downtown Old San Juan is so beautiful with its hundreds-of-years-old brightly colored…

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For Some Reason I Always Feel Hurried and Running Out of Time!

I have been dealing with this for a few years now. I always feel like I am too late, or in a hurry to do something, even though in reality I have nothing to do!

So i started searching and searching, and i understood what I am going through is literally my mind is on autopilot, and since I have been thinking this way since university, this way of thinking never stopped!

its funny I thought after ending university I would have peace of mind. But in reality my mid didn’t ‘turn off’ its way of hurried thinking.

which brings me to why i started this post. I started it to help my self and others calm this mental chatter, or at least find an alternative way of living…. HAPPY living.

SO Whats the Solution to this Problem?

Its patience, I think most of us have not cultivated our patience enough to be useful to us. Everything comes so easy and fast, its really hard  now a days to wait for something worth while.

  • its almost as if the main goal of our life is to get something instantly, and if we don’t, than its considered a failure. This is how we measure success nowadays, how fast can you get something.

And even though a lot people might hate me for this but law of attraction could of added to this problem.I had to get other the fact that hard work is OK in daily living after watching the secret lol. They really hyped it up to the point that people started saying  ” as long as I have the law of attraction on my side everything is fine” law of attraction is a law, just like gravity, you cant go around saying as long as law of gravity on my side everything is fine.

We need to cultivate patience, and being able to be OK with settling into our own self without outside noise and the blows and whistles. when you are happy in your state right now, and you develop patience than nothing will be out of your reach. When you learn its the journey that matters not just the end results that matter, you start to enjoy life.

so now i am starting my journey to patience

I’m looking forward to seeing the results… I am fearful but also looking forward to it,  but I know I have to first have patience with my own short comings 🙂

“Have patience with all things, but

chiefly have patience with

yourself. Do not lose courage in

considering you own imperfections

but instantly set about remedying

them – every day begin the task

St. Francis de Sale