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If you don't get lost, there's a chance you may never be found. ~Author Unknown

We have Miracles called bioluminescent

I never heard of bioluminescent ( hope I’m spelling it right) it made me wanna search about them and go to Puerto Rico. You know its strange it crossed my mind a few days ago and I was thinking ‘is it a nice place to visit?’ well I got my answer

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I tell you what! This Midwestern gal loves a good adventure. And I’ve seen a LOT of places and have had a LOT of adventures. Anyone who wants an amazing Caribbean adventure should definitely go to Puerto Rico. Not only are there amazing winding backwood mountain roads, there are beaches: lush and beautiful, on each side of the island. On the north eastern side you see the Atlantic Ocean with huge crashing waves carving the rock and stone. To the southwest you have the beautiful calm turquoise waters of the Caribbean Sea in Guanica and Ponce.

Forget your GPS. Our paper maps didn’t even work consistently. But isn’t getting lost half of the fun? It was for my rainforest mountain beach adventure in Puerto Rico. The first day we counted 14 rainbows. I knew I was in paradise.

Downtown Old San Juan is so beautiful with its hundreds-of-years-old brightly colored…

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